Venmo is now one of the fastest payment methods in the business, making it excellent for online sports betting. So, if you’re searching for the top Venmo betting sites in Delaware, this article will show you where to look and how to use it. Continue reading to learn how to get started with your account right away.

About Venmo

Venmo is a service that allows you to send money via text message. It’s a peer-to-peer (or P2P) money-transfer service owned by PayPal. And, it’s perfect for gamblers who don’t want their gambling account to be linked to their own bank account.

One of the first things to keep in mind is that online betting with Venmo is only available to US residents. Citizens who are lawfully residing in the United States of America are eligible to utilize this payment option. As a result, you’ll need to choose one of the Delaware licensed betting organizations that accept Venmo.

Furthermore, money transactions performed through Venmo are more secure because no personal bank information is shared.

How to deposit at a Venmo betting site in Delaware

Here are the steps you can follow if you want to open your account on a Delaware betting site that accepts Venmo.

  1. Sign up for a Venmo account.
  2. Find a betting site in Delaware that accepts Venmo as a payment method.
  3. Create a new account with the sportsbook.
  4. Go to the deposit section.
  5. Choose Venmo as a deposit option.
  6. Follow instructions.
  7. Enter deposit amount.
  8. Start betting.

How to open a Venmo account

Initially, to play at a Delaware gambling website or sportsbook that takes Venmo as a payment method, you must first register a Venmo account. To do that, you must:

  1. Register for a Venmo account.
  2. On your iOS or Android device, download and open the Venmo app.
  3. Create a secure password between eight and 32 characters after deciding on a sign-up method.
  4. Check your personal details.
  5. Add and verify your bank account information.
  6. Then you can use the app to send and receive money.

You must first have an active Venmo account, which you can either create through your Facebook account or manually. To make one manually, provide your phone number, after which you will receive a link to verify your number.

After that, you must enter your name, birth date, email address, and password. Then, you’ll be able to link your payment information, such as a debit or credit card.

How to verify your Venmo account

After creating the Venmo account, verify it to remove all restrictions. To do that, you will need to provide the following details:

  1. Your full legal name.
  2. Location
  3. Date of birth
  4. Social security number or tax identification number.

Through verification, scams become virtually impossible. These precautions keep players’ funds safe when using betting sites that accept Venmo. And these requirements ensure that anyone who uses a Venmo-accepting gambling site in Delaware is a resident.

Can you withdraw to Venmo from a betting site in DE?

Yes, you can withdraw from a betting site in Delaware to your Venmo account. If you’re betting on sports online with Venmo, withdrawals are currently not a popular method of cashing out. Withdrawals are processed much more quickly than other popular payment methods, taking three to five days on average. It is also dependent on the withdrawal times of the bookmaker.

Because Venmo is still a relatively new payment option on Delaware online sportsbooks, the time it takes to withdraw funds may improve in the future. In Delaware, only some sportsbooks accept withdrawals, while others do not.

Aside from that, Venmo MasterCard users can make instant withdrawals and deposits. But, one thing to keep in mind is that, unlike regular payments, a user must pay at a rate of 1-3% for using this option. And your sportsbook should also allow MasterCard withdrawals to make this option feasible.

What is a Venmo Mastercard?

Another feature offered by Venmo is the Venmo MasterCard. It’s a credit card that works with Venmo and can be used at Delaware betting sites. This also makes it possible to make live betting deposits. Though, your sportsbook must accept MasterCard as a deposit method. Only then will you be able to use this MasterCard.

Best alternatives to Venmo when sports betting in Delaware

Other than Venmo, numerous payment options are available on Delaware sports betting sites. Here are a few examples.

  • PayNearMe betting sites DE – PayNearMeis the best deposit option for bettors who don’t want to give out their credit card or banking information to strangers. Because it is fast, simple, and secure, it is the most popular cash-based deposit method for licensed betting apps and online sportsbooks in the United States. Unlike most deposit options, PayNearMe transactions are as simple as going to a nearby convenience store or pharmacy and paying with cash.
  • Skrill betting sites DE – Skrill has been a top-notch payment option in the betting world since its inception. It’s been an excellent option for players who want to stay under the radar. Moreover, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to choose the best odds or betting market for your game. Furthermore, every bookmaker accepts Skrill, and cashouts are usually free and almost instantaneous.
  • Neteller betting sites DE– Neteller is a fantastic option for both bookmakers and bettors. For starters, it accepts a variety of currencies, making it convenient for players from various jurisdictions. Neteller is almost free, meaning players get their winnings and can play with the entire amount they deposit. The Neteller withdrawal process is also quick, making it ideal for those who require cash quickly. It also has a few limitations on deposit and withdrawal amounts.
  • PayPal betting sites DE– PayPal is a digital payment service that allows people to make payments to each other over the internet. This money transfer behemoth, founded in 1998, now has over 244 million active account holders. The company offers users secure and quick money transfer options, making it an ideal tool for retailers and online bookmakers. Bettors can use this service to fund their betting accounts and collect their winnings without having to reveal their bank account information. It also provides quick access to winnings and frequently allows for immediate withdrawals.

Pros and cons of using Venmo on Delaware betting sites

Venmo, like any other payment method, has a number of advantages and disadvantages.


Here are the benefits of using Venmo on betting sites that accept Venmo in Delaware.

  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Don’t need to use your own bank details.
  • Lightning fast transactions.

Venmo is a secure and safe method of payment. It is a secure peer-to-peer transaction platform. As a decentralized network, the P2P network ensures that your transactions are quick. Furthermore, the most advanced method for protecting data is used by the company – 256-bit data encryption. Only when funds arrive at their intended destinations are they decrypted.

And, bettors do not have to share any financial information when transacting on the sportsbook. Your Venmo card is not linked to your personal bank account like a regular bank card. This means you won’t have to give your bank your credit card information, and betting transactions won’t show up on your bank statement.


Like every payment method, Venmo also has drawbacks. This includes:

  • You sometimes can’t withdraw using Venmo.
  • Some online sportsbooks won’t accept Venmo, you’ll need to use their Mastercard instead.

To withdraw, for the most part, is impossible. Direct Venmo withdrawals are not available at most sportsbooks.

Even if you can use a Venmo Mastercard to fund your account, you won’t be able to withdraw using the same method. You can deposit using Mastercard, but payouts are not widely accepted.

That means that if you use your Venmo Mastercard to fund your sportsbook account in Delaware, you’ll have to use another method to withdraw any winnings, and getting your money back into your Venmo wallet will be a long and winding road.


Is Venmo a secure way to bet online in Delaware?

Yes! Venmo is a secure way to bet online in Delaware. Venmo is a safe and secure peer-to-peer online financial transaction platform used by over 40 million Americans on a daily basis. Using Venmo for sports betting is exactly the same as using Venmo for any other transaction.

Is Venmo widely accepted on Delaware betting sites?

Yes, Venmo is widely accepted on Delaware betting sites. To find out which betting sites accept Venmo, go to their banking page and see if Venmo is available as a deposit method. If you want to deposit using Venmo MasterCard, check if your gambling site accepts MasterCard as a banking option.

Do I pay fees using Venmo on Delaware betting sites?

Yes, you pay fees using Venmo on Delaware betting sites. When depositing from your credit card, Venmo charges a 3% fee. However, there are no fees if you send money from your bank account or Venmo Balance. Though standard transfers are free, for an instant bank account transfer, there is a fee of one percent.