In this guide, we will delve into everything you need to know about online sportsbooks in Delaware. Including the best online sportsbooks in DE, the legal side, how to sign up, and much more.

Best online sportsbooks in Delaware

DraftKings sportsbook Delaware Best sportsbook for beginners
FanDuel sportsbook Delaware Best sportsbook for bonuses
PointsBet sportsbook Delaware Best sportsbook for in-play betting
BetRivers sportsbook Delaware Best sportsbook for boosted odds

The best online sportsbooks in Delaware where you can wager on sports are discussed below. They have all established a reputation for secure handling of their clients’ money They also offer sumptuous betting bonuses to Delaware residents, especially if you are joining them for the first time. Another thing is their wide selection of sports that you can choose from.

Below is a complete rundown of online sportsbooks that probably will launch in Delaware as soon as online sports betting becomes fully available:

DraftKings Sportsbook Delaware

DraftKings is one of the sportsbooks that have been operating for a long time in the US. Most of that time, it was just allowed to offer fantasy sports. However, the sportsbook is one of the best-established sports betting platforms you will find anywhere.

Draftkings sportsbook in Delaware offers all the sports markets you can think of. Everything from local to international sports is available on the site. Casino games, virtual sports and live sports betting are all available to bet on. The site also has one of the highest welcome bonuses in the market.

It also gives some of the most attractive odds. Consequently, you can win very huge prizes when your bet goes through. The site also provides many payment methods and financial transactions are carried out swiftly. All these take place in one of the most secure sports betting platforms both for PC and mobile. If you are looking for one of the best sportsbooks in Delaware, then DraftKings is definitely one of them.

BetRivers Sportsbook Delaware

BetRivers is another leading name in the world of sportsbooks in Delaware. The first thing you notice about the site when you first sign up is the big match-up bonus for new members. However, there is so much more than the site has to offer. You will immediately see the huge sports market once you open the site. There are sports from right across the globe that you can bet on here.

There are also extras such as casino games. The odds on the site are also pretty high compared to other sites. BetRivers is also quite outstanding in the effort it has put into its mobile app. It is arguably the best and most efficient in the market currently. The mobile app operates smoothly and is well-designed making it very easy to navigate.

Another thing that gives BetRivers DE the edge is the customer reward service. If you enroll, you earn a point for every wager you make. These can later be redeemed for more betting cash. In addition to the general security of the site and the ease of depositing and withdrawing cash, BetRivers is one of the best sportsbooks in Delaware.

888 Sportsbook Delaware

888 sportsbook in Delaware is an interesting prospect for bettors. Offers high odds and has numerous promotions. 888 also offers a huge sports market and an opportunity to bet on other things including the outcome of elections in the US. Its many promotions give you an opportunity to win prizes throughout the year. It has a relatively low first deposit amount, and you may get an attractive deposit match bonus.

Bettors who opt to use this site will be sure to benefit from big prizes that come from the great customer care offered by the sportsbook. Any problems that may arise in the course of operations on the site are quickly and efficiently resolved.

You can make immediate contact with support on arising issues via phone, chat, or email. Though the email option may take a little longer to provide the desired response, it is the best way to handle issues of complexity which may require a little background check before answers are available.

BetWay Sportsbook Delaware

BetWay is another sportsbook in Delaware that offers bettors the opportunity to bet on a huge sports market. This includes live sports, casino games, e-sports, and virtual sports. Another famous offer at the site is the money-back boost.

You can place a parlay wager on a specified number of teams. If only one of the teams loses, then you get some money back on your wager. The more teams you put in the parlay, the higher the payback. This and other promotions make BetWay one of the best sportsbooks in Delaware and beyond. In addition, you will be able to benefit from some of the highest odds in the market.

These odds are reviewed regularly to ensure that they remain competitive in the market. Moreover, there are regular promotions and betting bonuses on the Delaware site on the site for new and existing players. BetWay always goes out of its way to ensure that its customers are happy. This has seen the company lure in millions of people to its ever-growing customer base.

Unibet Sportsbook Delaware

Unibet sportsbook in Delaware is another mouthwatering prospect in the world of sports betting for local fans. It stands out for its plethora of betting options which help players to boost their odds.

You will find the parlays, props, totals, and simple moneyline bets on this site. Moreover, the site offers an early cash-out alternative on bets. If things are not going according to your plans, you can cash out of the bet before it is too late. This enables you to avoid losing your money altogether. There are also several regular promotions that benefit new members. The attractive signup bonuses are among the best in the market today.

Being a well-established sportsbook, Unibet also knows how to provide the best scientifically calculated odds that help bettors reap big when they win. The customer care service on the site is also another attractive factor. In addition, there are so many methods that you can use to deposit and withdraw money from the site. Unibet is definitely one of the best sportsbooks in Delaware.

Tipico Sportsbook Delaware

Tipico is also a renowned sportsbook in Delaware. It also boasts a large sports market that includes casino games and a poker room. Apart from offering great odds and huge bonuses, Tipico really emphasizes the security of its players. It has an elaborate security protocol that includes using scientific evidence to predict risky practices on the internet that may endanger its clients.

This has ensured that the sportsbook has not faced any notable security problems in its operations. By continuing to provide a safe playing environment, the sportsbook has truly lived up to its slogan of “your money in safe hands”. This slogan is promoted by renowned former German goalkeeper and captain Oliver Khan. However, it is not just about safety.

The sports market on the site is huge, with soccer leagues across the world taking the lead. There are also a plethora of other activities including casino games and e-sports. If it is available on sports betting, you will certainly find it on Tipico. The odds are also very high, and you will not the occasional bonus on the site. Tipico clearly ranks as one of the best sportsbooks in Delaware and across the world.

Online sportsbooks are not legal in Delaware. However, Delaware was among the first states to provide its residents with legal sports betting. The state wasted no time in passing the requisite legislation in 2018. This was soon after the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was struck down by the Supreme Court.

Interestingly, Delaware has still not allowed online sportsbooks to operate in the state. At this moment, it is only possible to practice sports betting at the 3 retail sportsbook locations in the state.

Should I bet on offshore sportsbooks in Delaware?

It is not recommended to bet on offshore sportsbooks in Delaware since there is no mechanism for resolving any legal disputes that may arise. In other words, you are not covered by the law if you have any problems while betting offshore. So, you should avoid the practice however tempting it may be.

The best approach is to hold your horses until online betting legally rolls out in Delaware. That can be frustrating if you are already used to betting online in other states. If you want to practice sports betting in the state of Delaware, you need to physically go to a retail sportsbook to place a bet. Nevertheless, that is the only option available until laws allow online gambling in DE.

How to join an online sportsbook in DE

The process of joining a sportsbook in Delaware is easy. Just follow the steps provided below:

  1. Choose a Delaware sportsbook in our list. Have a look at the best Delaware sportsbooks shown in our list at the top of this page. Pick one that you think suits you and click the link in order to land on the official website. Once you are on the sportsbook site, you will need to go to the signup tab for new members and tap it.
  2. Sign up with your details. You will be required to fill in a form with the information required of you. This information must be both correct and accurate. Most sportsbooks take their time to verify some of the information you give them. So, you will save a lot of time by giving the correct information in the first place. That will make the verification process move first so that your account gets immediate approval.
  3. Choose your preferred deposit method. You will then need to deposit some cash. You cannot bet on the site if you don’t deposit some money. Even if you are able to benefit from free bets, you still need to make a deposit first. The sites will have a number of deposit methods at your disposal. Choose the one you prefer, which should be efficient, affordable and available to you. Remember, you will use the same method to withdraw cash.
  4. Deposit funds. Once you choose your method, then you can deposit the required minimum cash on the site. Each sportsbook has its own required minimum deposit. It is always important to know this information beforehand. If you are not sure, check with the FAQs section of the site if it is available. You will not be able to bet if you have not made this deposit.
  5. Enter a promo code if needed to get your bonus. Once you have registered and made a deposit, you should not be able to enter your DE sportsbook promo code. It is important to enter the promo code as soon as you register so that you can benefit from available bonuses immediately. Remember some of the promo codes have an expiry date running from the time you register on the site. So, it is not advisable to hesitate to enter the code, since you may miss the opportunity altogether.
  6. Bet on your favorite sports teams. Once you have completed the steps above, then you will be free to bet on sports online in Delaware. You will also have the opportunity to select the bet types that offer you the greatest returns on a win. The different types of bets are below.

Different types of bets available on online sportsbooks in DE

There are several bet types on Delaware sportsbooks that you can choose from in order to boost your betting odds for higher rewards on winning. However, in betting just like in real life, the lower the risk, the lower the returns.

Below are the most common betting types that you will find in sportsbooks in Delaware:

  • Middle bets – A middle bet is one of the most interesting ways to wager. It has the advantage of increasing your odds without unnecessary extra risk. A middle bet is based on a simple formula of betting on both sides of a game. It is based on point spreads and is quite popular in high-scoring games like baseball. What happens is that you can wager on a certain result based on the bookmakers’ prediction, and wager again when the prediction changes. This happens as the game develops. So you can win on the first result and lose on the second one or vice-versa. You can also create your own middle bet by wagering in two sportsbooks at the same time. You can predict that team A will win in your first bet and team B will win in your second. That way you ensure that you win whichever way the result goes.
  • Prop bets – A prop bet is the short form of a proposition bet. It means betting that a certain event will occur in the course of a game. This event usually has no bearing on the final outcome of the game. It is another way of increasing your odds when betting on a game. You can propose for example that a certain player will be fouled out in a basketball game, or that team A will get the first corner in a soccer game. Props are fairly high-risk bets, because the event may not happen as predicted. That is why they tend to pay well in terms of the odds provided. Another beauty about them is that you don’t have to wait for the end of the match to win your prize.
  • Half time/full-time bet – You can predict a given outcome at half-time and another at full-full time. If you predict that team A will be leading at half-time for instance, then you win the moment that happens. It is also a kind of prop bet in that the half-time outcome may not determine the final outcome of the game.
  • Totals bets – Totals bets aim at predicting the outcome of the game in terms of goals or points. It predicts that a total of a certain number of goals will be scored by the end of the game, regardless of which team scores them. It is also known as the over/under bet. You can predict for instance that the total goals in a hockey game will be over 8. If the combined goals scored by both teams are 9 and above, then you win. Alternatively, you can predict under 8 goals, in which case you win if the total number of goals is 7 and below.
  • Moneyline bets – Moneyline bets are the simplest and oldest type of bet. A Moneyline simply predicts that team A will defeat team B. In some sports, you can also predict that the two teams will draw. If the desired outcome is achieved then you win. If it goes wrong, you lose. Moneylines are considered low-risk affairs, so they have pretty low odds. There are two main ways of increasing your odds using a Moneyline bet. The first is to be on the weaker team. The bookmakers will always give high odds for the weaker team. If it so happens that this weaker team wins, it will leave you smiling all the way to the bank.
  • Future bets – Future bets are placed on future events. They are bets in advance. By placing a bet on an event that will take place later, you increase the odds. Anything can happen within the period of waiting for that event to make bookmakers change the odds. You will not be affected by these changes if you had placed a bet earlier.
  • Teaser bets – A teaser bet is a kind of parlay bet. The bettor has the opportunity to change the predictions in the course of the games in exchange for lowered odds. A teaser bet operates on the principle of reducing risks before the final outcome. Just like has been stated before, you lower the prize when you lower the risk.
  • Spread bets – Spread bets predict the point difference between two competing teams. A positive sign predicts the team that will win while a negative sign predicts the team that will lose. Numbers appear after the sign to predict the winning margin. +34 for team A means that they will win with a point difference of 34 over team B. This is a high-risk prediction that attracts very high odds.

Sports available at online sportsbooks in DE

There are numerous sports available at online sportsbooks in DE. The leading ones appear in the list below.

  • Football – Football is one of the most popular sports in the United States. It has also recently gained some international recognition since some of the American League games are being played on European soil. It attracts many types of bets, including spreads, which makes it very popular with American bettors.
  • Baseball – Baseball is another highly popular American sport. It has a highly exciting league that attracts a large following in the US. It also attracts numerous bet types including Middles.
  • Soccer – Soccer is easily the most popular sport across the globe. The FIFA World Cup which is organized every 4 years is the biggest platform of soccer. It ranks up there with the Summer Olympics as the most popular international sporting event. Soccer has gained a lot of popularity in the US in recent years. It also attracts the most bets internationally.
  • Tennis – Tennis is among the most popular individual events. Tennis players of repute command an international audience. It also ranks as one of the most popular sports in the US with its grand slam tournaments.
  • MMA – Mixed Martial Arts is a fairly recent sport. However, it has gained much ground and is already competing with old combat sports like boxing for popularity. It has gained a large following in the US over the years.
  • Boxing – Boxing is one of the oldest sports still popular today. Some of its glamour has been taken away by newcomers such as wrestling and MMA. Still, it is very popular and attracts a large US and global audience.
  • Hockey – Ice hockey is more popular in the US than land-based hockey. Both sports however attract a large following and a lot of interest among bettors.
  • And many more other sports.

Timeline of sportsbook legislation in Delaware

Below is a timeline that shows the legislation process that led up to online sportsbooks (almost) being legalized in the state of Delaware:

  • 1760 – Betting on horse racing, the only form of betting then, is banned in Delaware by puritans.
  • 1933 – The Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission and the Harnes Racing Commission are formed to reintroduce betting on horses. The two commissions get rid of cartels.
  • 1937 – The Delaware Park officially offers legal sports betting.
  • 1974 – Delaware creates the first state lottery which begins operations.
  • 2009 – The state legislates to allow lottery-like parlay betting
  • 2012 – Delaware allows online casino gambling and poker games, which becomes a big success.
  • 2018 – The state legislates to allow physical sportsbooks in the state, but they did not allow online sportsbooks to launch their Delaware betting apps.

Physical sportsbooks in Delaware

There are currently 3 different physical sportsbooks where you can visit and place sports bets in Delaware:

  • Harrington Raceway and Casino (18500 S Dupont Hwy, Harrington, DE 19952)
  • Dover Downs (1131 North DuPont Highway, Dover, DE 19901)
  • Delaware Park Casino (777 Delaware Park Blvd., Wilmington, DE 19804)


What age do I need to bet on online sportsbooks in Delaware?

You need to be at least 21 years old to play at online sportsbooks in DE. This is a provision of federal law and it applies as it is in the First State. The state legislation does not in any way contradict this position. In some states, people as young as 18 years can legally bet online. However, this is not the case in DE.

Are online sportsbooks in DE safe?

Yes, online sportsbooks in Delaware are safe to bet on. Betting sites are regulated and licensed by the local authority. It’s not recommended you play on offshore betting sites in Delaware though as these are outwith the local laws protecting bettors.

Do online sportsbooks in Delaware offer horse racing?

Yes, online sportsbooks in Delaware offer horse racing. This is the oldest sport that has attracted betting in the state. There are state-operated in-person betting platforms that have always offered horse racing as a betting market.